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Italeri 1:72 F117 Nighthawk

Italeri 1:72 F117 Nighthawk

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The Italeri 1:72 F117 Nighthawk is an authentically detailed scale model of the iconic stealth fighter jet. Transforming your room into a miniature battleground is easy with 1:72 scale replicas of various aircrafts, and the Italeri F117 Nighthawk is a great choice for collectors and aviation enthusiasts. Its perfect replication of the jet's unique look brings a special edge to any die-cast collection.

The highly secretive USAF bomber that created by Lockheed Martin's 'Skunkworks', the F117 came to prominence in 1991 while bombing Iraq ahead of the invasion. Its stealth technology minimised its cross section on enemy radars and allowed them to insert, bomb and extract without being detected.
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