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Matchbox 1:72 Dauphin 2 SA 365N Aerospatiale (1992)

Matchbox 1:72 Dauphin 2 SA 365N Aerospatiale (1992)

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Originally developed and manufactured by French firm Aerospatiale, the Eurocopter is a medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopter. The Dauphin 2 shares many similarities with the Aerospatiale SA360, a commercially unsuccessful single-engine helicopter; however the twin-engine Dauphin 2 did meet with customer demand and has been operated by a wide variety of civil and military operators. Since the type's introduction in the 1970s, several major variations and specialised versions of the Dauphin 2 have been developed and entered into production.

This 1992 pre-owned kit is in a sealed box, so we assume it is complete.

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