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Tamiya 1:700 Battle Cruiser HMS Repulse

Tamiya 1:700 Battle Cruiser HMS Repulse

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This 1:700 scale plastic model of the Battle Cruiser HMS Repulse is authentically detailed and precision-made by Tamiya. With a removable hull plate and a full assortment of weaponry, it's perfect for constructing an impressive display piece.

This is a plastic model assembly kit of the British Battle Cruiser Repulse. ★1/700, Length 344mm, Width 39mm. ★The smart slender hull and nicely balanced upper structures captures the style and feeling of this model. ★The reinforced anti-aircraft armament realistically replicates the wartime setting. ★The hull separates into left and right pieces. The highlight of this model is the exact expression of the bridge deck and its masts. ★The main gun turrets use polyester caps and are moveable. ★10.2cm multiple barreled guns, pom-pom guns and anti-aircraft parts also have a sharp finish. ★Set includes the carrier based airplane the Supermarine Walrus.

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